About Us

Genius Gems Abacus Vedic Maths Academy Genius Gems Abacus Vedic Maths Academy having its corporate office in Delhi provides a unique abacus curriculum to students to improve their brain power. The company was started in 2009, registered in 2011 and provides certified course . This special training helps the child to balance left and right brain which ultimately improves his concentration memory , retention , visualization skills.
Here we take maths as a tool to give exercise to the child’s brain and this regular exercise helps the child to think logically and give better results. Basic calculations will be taught with the help of magical tool ( abacus). With the regular practice of only 15 min. a day any student can improve overall academic performance.

The logically planed course has been designed in such a way that the child will also able to improve his regular school maths. Separate sessions will be given to clear all the basic concepts and basic calculations such as additions , subtractions, multiplications and divisions will be taught on abacus tool. Specially designed tool helps to improve the speed along with accuracy.

Benefits of the program
Mental maths and speed and accuracy will be improved
Every student will able to improve basic skills like concentration, memory power and
     retention power
Reasoning skills and imaginary skills will also be improved
Personality and confidence will be improved tremendously
Handwriting will be better and child will learn the right formation of letters
Vocabulary and spellings will be better
Child will learn about leadership skills and positive thinking.